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Traditional Braces Treatment

One of the reasons Exeter Orthodontics invests so heavily in continued education is because orthodontic procedures have evolved greatly over the years. There are few orthodontists in Philadelphia that invest like we do to make sure that we are on top of all of the latest procedure evolutions. We see these evolutions as our friend and your friend because they help to make sure you have a great outcome in the least amount of time. With traditional braces, our advanced training and experience really shines during your treatment.


Consultation & Appliance Placement

The first time that you sit down with your orthodontist, we are going to spend a lot of time with you to help you understand your treatment options. There are a lot of factors that go into the right decisions for your dental health, so we want to make sure that we are available for questions. Our goal is to perfect your smile with the least amount of discomfort or inconvenience to you.

During this visit, we will take x-rays and photos. These will help us to determine a timeline for your treatment as well as prepare you for what to expect when you leave the office with your traditional braces. Exeter Orthodontics does not believe you should visit our office any more than you have to. Therefore, we are careful to plan treatment to be as efficient as possible.

Traditional braces are bonded to the teeth. The bonding won’t cause any more discomfort than a regular teeth cleaning. When you leave the office, you can expect some mild to moderate discomfort as your mouth gets used to having the braces mounted to your teeth.

Exeter Orthodontics does not charge additional fees for clear braces and many patients opt for them as they are less visible to others. Clear or metallic, your braces will be well on their way to gently aligning your teeth for that perfect smile.



Traditional braces work by putting gentle pressure on your teeth in order to align them. When there is no more tension in them, there is no more pressure on your teeth. Therefore, your orthodontist will need to adjust them.

Adjustments are usually quick office visits that allow your orthodontist not only to properly adjust your braces, but also keep an eye on progress to make sure that things are progressing as expected. This is one of the reasons that patients really like traditional braces: they know that they are being closely monitored. It is very important that you come for adjustment appointments on schedule because a lapse in adjustments can allow your teeth to go back to their old ways. Just remember, the more you stay on top of your treatment, the shorter you will need treatment.


Removal & Retention

This is the best part! We love when patients are ready for the big reveal. During this procedure, we will remove your braces and clean your teeth so that you can experience that first glimpse of your new smile in the mirror. You will quickly realize that all of the time you were wearing braces paid off.

Just because your braces will have come off does not mean that your treatment is complete. Part of our commitment to high quality orthodontic care is to make sure that your teeth do not go back to their bad habits. Your orthodontist may fit you for a retainer that can be worn on occasion to make sure that you never have to come back to our office for an adjustment ever again!

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