Traditional Braces

When you think about braces, you most likely think first about traditional braces. These braces have been worn by teens and adults for years for good reason: they produce fabulous results. However, traditional braces have evolved considerably and are hardly “traditional.”


In our Philadelphia area orthodontic office, we perform hundreds of traditional braces procedures per year. However, these are not the giant metal apparatuses that your parents might remember. Traditional braces are much smaller, work faster, and can even be made from a transparent material making them less obvious.


While many patients from the Philadelphia area come looking for Invisalign®, it is hard to deny the consistent and predictable results that can be achieved through traditional braces. This is for one great reason: patient compliance. It is true that traditional braces are temporarily affixed directly to your teeth. However, that is one of their greatest qualities. If you are going to make the considerable investment in braces, you want them to work. Traditional braces have almost a perfect success ratio.


While the cost of braces at Exeter Orthodontics in Philadelphia is less than some offices by more than 200%, we do not and will not cut corners on quality. Our traditional braces use the absolute finest quality materials on the market to make sure that your teeth adjust quickly and with the least discomfort possible during your treatment period.

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Invisalign Aligners Traditional
Appearance Nearly invisible aligners Clear or metal brackets
Comfort No adjusting of wires or brackets to rub against cheeks and gums Some mild discomfort during initial application and adjusting
Treatment Length 9-18 months based on complexity 9-24 months based on complexity
Treatment Compliance Can be variable as patient can choose not to wear Very high — Braces affixed to teeth
Cost $3,995 $3,995