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Exeter Orthodontics provides Invisalign® braces to patients throughout the Philadelphia area at the same low cost as our traditional braces. Invisalign braces have exploded in popularity because they are discreetly worn and transform your smile quickly. Using a progression of transparent aligners, Invisalign aligners gradually move your teeth into position in a period of as little as nine months.

Almost every patient that comes into our Philadelphia area orthodontic practice requests Invisalign braces. However, they do not work for all patients. It is best to speak with one of our orthodontists about what treatment is right for you. If you are a candidate for Invisalign treatment, you are in luck because Invisalign aligners have some great qualities over traditional braces.


Patients are highly satisfied with Invisalign braces because they do not require much of a lifestyle change. The Invisalign aligners can be removed to eat or drink, so patients do not need to worry about certain foods or appearances. In addition, Invisalign braces are comfortable to wear because they fit right over your teeth. Very few patients experience discomfort with Invisalign aligners, while it is common to have some initial discomfort with traditional braces.


Invisalign treatment works very quickly. A less-severe case may only take nine months in our Philadelphia area office, whereas traditional braces can take much longer. Naturally, the more complex the case, the more time that it will take to correct, however eligible patients find the whole experience with Invisalign aligners to be worth the time and cost.

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Invisalign Aligners Traditional
Appearance Nearly invisible aligners Clear or metal brackets
Comfort No adjusting of wires or brackets to rub against cheeks and gums Some mild discomfort during initial application and adjusting
Treatment Length 9-18 months based on complexity 9-24 months based on complexity
Treatment Compliance Can be variable as patient can choose not to wear Very high — Braces affixed to teeth
Cost $3,995 $3,995